Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it's that time of the year again to stuff the fatted bird, mash the sweet potato, bake the pumpkin pie and give thanks to all the wonderful things that life has offered us since last November.

Tomorrow we will be a motley crew celebrating this most American of holidays. The lunch table will include a Zimbabwean Jew, a German, some South 'Efricans', a pom, an aussie - me - and I think there is one token American for good measure! Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke really.

I am in charge of table decorations given my cooking is so inconsequential ( I mean, really, who knows how to make pumpkin ice cream?!). I'm thinking simple autumn colors seeing this city explodes into orange at this time of year. White tablecloth, natural colored linen napkins, clusters of mini, mini pumpkins along the centre of the table with votives in between. Then a huge vase of wonderfully colored autumn leaves and berries in rusts, yellows, reds and greens. Of course this will have to go once the guests sit down, but a good dramatic effect, don't you agree? Then of course, after a long and hearty lunch, I am going to request parlor games. I'm thinking charades, Pictionary and perhaps a round of Twister to really break down those international borders!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thank you to the turkey who so kindly donated his life for our pleasure.

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Jane said...

Happy Thanksgiving darling girl. I would love to be in the US for this holiday.

By the way turkey is pretty easy to cook as long as you have enough time. If you cook it breast down it doesn't dry out. xoxo