Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hiking in the Hudson

Spectacular day last Sunday. The perfect day to climb to the top of Bull Hill!

Also known as Mt Taurus, this mountain overlooks the charming town of Coldspring, an hour out of Manhattan in the Hudson Valley. You take the train from Grand Central and follow the Hudson River all the way up. The river keeps going and you get off and walk to the bottom of the mountain. It was a little early in the season as the leaves weren't fully formed, but what an exhilarating way to spend a Sunday! Here are some visual moments along the trail:

Typical forest low down

Abandoned farmhouse

Some slimy creatures in an old well


Another abandoned something

 A swampy part

 The final ascent

View from peak over the Hudson toward the Catskills

On the other side looking over the Hudson River & Valley

 The slow descent

An old quarry

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