Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The humble gumboot no more

I love it when it rains in New York. Whether it's a drizzle or a downpour, suddenly the streets are full of gumboots! Now where I grew up, gumboots were seen solely in winter on the farm. They were usually black and if you were really stylish, you could find one with a red stripe around the base:

Here, gumboots or "rain boots" as they are called, are a fashion statement. Farewell poor old black rubber boot, and hello plaid, stripes, fluoro and leopard print. You can choose from a high heel boot, platform or flat. There is lace up, zip up or buckle up. Rubber, patent or PVC. And don't even THINK of purchasing them from a grain store. Why not own a pair from your favorite designer? Gucci, D&G, Chloe and Dior all offer very stylish options - at a price of course. Even famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo collaborated with Hunter this year to design a mock croc boot! Yours for the bargain price of US$395.

I guess we can thank our fashion icon Kate Moss for bringing the humble gumboot back into the spotlight. Who can forget that shot of Kate looking effortlessly chic in her Hunters at Glastonbury:

It's all in how you wear them. So next time you see me jumping over a puddle in Fifth Avenue, I might be wearing one of these:

Burberry: US$195

Chloe: US$195

DKNY: U$125

Gucci: US$270

Dior: US$445

Stuart Weitzman: US$95

Target: US$19.99

Images: net-a-porter, bluefly, Bloomingdales, Target, DKNY,

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