Sunday, October 17, 2010

Breast Cancer Month

Today Manhattan was awash with pink. Ten of thousands of people turned out for Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer. Central Park and the West Side highway were festooned with  pink balloons, water bottles, backpacks, scarves and more, held by mothers, fathers, sons, husbands, grandmothers, friends, and daughters. It was awe inspiring seeing the sheer number of people willing to spend a weekend walking for 39 miles to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer awareness. And even better was to see the number of people on the sidelines cheering the walkers on. It was a really beautiful and heartwarming sight.

I have been remarkably - and thankfully, touchwood - untouched by breast cancer in my close circle of friends. I know three strong women of different ages who got the disease, but through sheer determination, wonderful doctors and after care, as well as enormous support of friends and family, all have survived and are 'clear'. 

In honor of these women and for the sake of all my friends over 40, I took a pledge this year through the Estee Lauder Companies' BReast Cancer Awareness Campaign, to remind women 40+ to have an annual mammogram. I know there has been a lot of controversy about mammograms this year, but I simply don't understand how prevention can be a bad thing. Even if the breast fibers of a younger woman are denser than a 50 year old and thus more difficult to read, surely it is worth a 20 minute mammogram to even remind yourself to do a regular self examination. So this is my pledge to all of you dear female readers over 40. Please use this month of October to take the time to have a mammogram. And let's keep spreading the word to make sure our darling friends remain healthy and breast cancer free as well. Happy Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Images: ny city mama, cosmetic world

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