Saturday, July 23, 2011


I am finally on my long awaited and much needed week's holiday with the anesthetist. We're in Mallorca for a week. I had to choose somewhere with sea. The sailor in him refused to be landlocked. Will share photos next week. x

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Off to Paris and Rome for a week for work. Yippee! I haven't been to Rome since I backpacked at 21!
I'm having a sneaky weekend in Honfleur this weekend. Lovely port town 2 hours west of Paris. Photos when I get back.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Dance

Take one phenomenal Finnish dance group, an architectural wonder in the middle of a lush, green valley and a stunning summer night. What do you get? The perfect Saturday evening with Tero Saarinen at the Fisher Centre for Performing Arts in the Hudson Valley.

Located 2.5 hours north of Manhattan, The Fisher Centre is an example of what art benefactors have given the world. The Bard Centre of Performing Arts is apparently one of the best arts colleges in the States. It was on this campus that someone had the ingenious idea to commission Frank Gehry to design an extraordinary, world class arts centre to provide "risk taking performances and provocative programs" in theatre, opera, orchestra and dance. Each summer, the centre hosts a festival of national and international artists. People from all around the area - and beyond - come to savour some amazing culture in the spectacular setting of the Hudson Valley. Located essentially in a green field and surrounded by huge trees and rolling lawns, the Centre has to be one of the world's greatest buildings.

My photos don't do it justice as it was dusk when we arrived. But hopefully they will give you a taste of this not-to-be-missed wonder of modern design.

image 1: whitebird, 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

There's going to be a lot of red, white and blue this weekend. And why not! It's one of the biggest holidays on the American calendar, as we celebrate this country's independence from the Brits in 1776. Isn't it funny to think that at that time in Australia, we were only beginning to forge a link with the Brits.

Anyway, patriotism hits an all time high this weekend.  There will be plenty of flags and stars and stripes and fireworks. I will be enjoying all this from the deck of the anesthetist's yacht. And maybe, just maybe, I can get him to muster up enough love for his adopted country to fly the star spangled banner alongside his Sth African flag!

image: martha stewart