Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ode to New York Women

"She had only one fault. She was perfect. Otherwise she was perfect."
Truman Capote about legendary socialite Babe Paley

After living in New York for nearly three years, I still continue to be overcome with admiration for the meticulousness of New York women's styling. I have tried really hard this whole time to look like they do, but I always seem to have chipped nail lacquer or frizzy hair or a button missing. They are a study in perfection; from the obscenely rigid crease down the front of a pant, to the slender fitting shift dress, an alligator slingback, elegant and understated gold jewelry (except for the usually whopping Tiffany diamond) and hair with nary an impeccably colored strand out of place. 

I know they spend most of their lives working to look like this because in trying to emulate them, I constantly seem to be in a hair salon or the third floor of Bergdorf, at a nail bar or lying prostrate on a waxing table. However, I never seem to quite reach their elegant perfection. My summation is you just simply have to have been born on Park Avenue.

The New Yorker stands out from the crowd. No Boho fashion in sight unlike Sydney, no trashy, flesh exposing LA garb and certainly no uneven hemlines with black biker boots and Rick Owens leather jackets like London. In fact the super cool BrIT girl Alexa Chung has had New York spinning on its head with her imported version of rock glam chic.

No, here it's all about the tailored, the sophisticated, the elegant and the classic. Some may call it boring. I simply call it a fascinating study in perfection. As an ode to this impeccably turned out female, here are a few of my favorite stylish New Yorkers:

Aerin Lauder has to absolutely top the list. Forever perfectly groomed in Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors or Stella McCartney, her look - and wardrobe - is to die for.

Tory Burch lives and breathes her own brand impeccably.

Kelly Rutherford totally personifies the Upper East Sider, both as Lily in Gossip girl and as herself.

Staying on Gossip girl, I think Blake Lively is fresh, sophisticated and beautiful.

Lauren Santo Domingo is a gorgeous lithe socialite and contributing editor for US Vogue, always stylishly turned out.


Kelly Klein because who doesn't want to look this fabulous after 50!

Diane Von Furstenburg becuase where would the New York working girl be without her wrap dresses.

Lauren Bush always get my vote for her ever pared down Madison Avenue look, even if she does usually wear her bf's brand, Ralph Lauren.

And for a bit of downtown sophistication, Vanessa Traina turns rock glam into chic perfection (although technically she doesn't really live here anymore).

The list is endless. SJP and Donna Karan didn't even make my cut. I wonder who you would add or take off?

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