Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Annoys New Yorkers

A survey came out this week on what annoys New Yorkers the most. According to that stellar city tabloid the New York Post, slow moving tourists and subway door blockers came out on top. Couldn't agree more! Here are their results with my comments:

The most annoying things in New York according to New Yorkers:
  1. People who block subway doors. Too right. It was bad enough before the MTA declared a multi billion dollar deficit. Now, with even less trains, what is it with people who hover at the doors rather than moving all the way inside to let the other thousand people behind them in?
  2. Slow walking tourists. My # 1 peeve. Don't they realize that New Yorkers have somewhere to go and we have to get there now? We don't have time to trip over ugly overpacked nylon wheelie bags or side step map readers who have incomprehensibly stopped in the middle of the pavement!
  3. Cab drivers on cell phones. Mmm, this is a borderline one for me. I rather like to hear all the different languages these cabbie speak, even if they don't listen to the address you give them or stop when you ask them to. It makes you feel like you really are living in the Tower of Babel.
  4. Drivers who block the box. I don't even understand what this means. Sounds like one of the languages the aforementioned cabbies speak.
  5. Panhandlers. Disagree with this one. At least in this city they are extremely polite. They even ask God to bless you when you step right over them and keep on walking. 
  6. Hipsters. I say if you don't like them, move back to Kansas
  7. Bike delivery guy.  Annoying only because they seem incapable of understanding the road rules and ride the wrong way down a one way street. This has caused many a near fatal encounter with a New Yorker who only looks in the direction from which the traffic is supposed to be coming (as per #1: we don't have time to look both ways)
  8. Film shoots that take over the street. I love these. On any given day, you can inadvertently find yourself as an extra in Law and Order or CSI: New York.
  9. Street Fairs. Totally on board with this one. Every single weekend there is a street blocked off - usually in my 'hood - with the same tie-dyed, polyester sarong and fake-scented strawberry soap for sale
  10. Tip jars everywhere. Hello. What's with giving a dollar to the barman for taking your drink order at the bar?
As a follow up to this survey, Gawker did a quick translation of the above results for those who don't live in NYC:

The most annoying things in New York according to New Yorkers:
  1. New Yorkers
  2. Non-New Yorkers
  3. Cab drivers
  4. Drivers
  5. Poor people
  6. Young people
  7. Healthy people
  8. People from LA
  9. Happy people
  10. People who are trying to make ends meet.
But as one Bronx resident so succinctly put it, " The things that annoy you about New York are usually the things that define New York."

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