Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recipe for a Happy Weekend

What does one do on a summer's day in New York, when the sun is shining, the sky is blue, humidity is low and the wide blue yonder beckons? Go sailing of course! And because New York is surrounded by water, it is relatively easy to get this together.

Take one lovely yacht that is not too big and grand or too teeny and squishy, but just right for 2 people.

Add one able seaman to chart your course.

Mix with the Long Island Sound that hopefully has enough wind to propel you across the currently very warm water.

After you have reveled in a couple of hours of tacking, jibing and the occasional straight course sailing where the only sound is the bow skimming the waves and the sail billowing in the wind, you might come across an archipelago of islands and decide its time for terra firm. We dropped anchor beside Great Captain's Island off the coast of Greenwich and rowed onto shore.

Ready for early evening drinks after all that work? Hoist up the anchor and motor gently into Bel Haven Club, where they generously have guest moorings for reciprocal yacht clubs.

While you're waiting for the Connecticut law student clad in Ralph Lauren to come and pick you up in the club's motor boat, marvel over the Greenwich houses that grace the shores of the Sound and then salivate over the beautiful boats that sit chained to their moorings like dogs on a lead waiting to be taken on a walk.

Once at the club, freshen up by showering in the gorgeous bathroom, resplendent with blue and white wallpaper, white wicker towel baskets and brightly colored roses.

Then head to the deck for a gin and tonic overlooking the water, before eating a hearty dinner in the bar.

For a well earned night's sleep, why not check into the heavenly Homestead Inn, a Relais & Chateau hotel that is a 3 minute cab ride from your yacht. There, you can experience all the charm of New England, without having to travel that far.

In the morning, indulge in a huge breakfast in bed before sailing idly back across the Sound to the grit and grime of the city. I hope you feel renewed!

images: mine except for (1) visual photos, (3) media bucket, (18) elegant small hotels

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