Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scenes from Brittany: Interior

When you move away from the coast of South Brittany, you find stones everywhere. Stone buildings, stone villages, stone walls and stone configurations. The town of Carnac is famous for its 6000 year old stone alignments. And after all this time, still no-one really knows why they are there or what they represent. There have been theories ranging from the stones really being Roman legionaries, to magical stones to Celtic temples and some form of weather or time predictor. But what is known is they were placed here during the Neolithic era, between the fifth and third millenia, B.C.  There are thousands of them, forming soldierly lines throughout the landscape. Some of the stones are as high as 6 metres. And most of them seem to be sculpted into tall oval shapes. Today, the sheep and cattle graze in between them, as scientists still work on their theories.

The landscape around Carnac is lovely and rural, with wonderful old villages suddenly popping up, or an old abbey or little place of worship in the middle of nowhere. It's definitely worth hiring a car to drive around.

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