Wednesday, January 12, 2011


'Shack' Def: A roughly built hut or cabin (Oxford dictionary)

A girlfriend and I were discussing the power of positive thinking last night. She is skeptical to a degree, whereas I am totally into putting what you want out into the universe. Case in point: When I was pounding the sidewalks of New York in high summer trying to determine where I wanted to live before I moved here, I arrived at a certain street in the West Village and said aloud, "this is where I want to live". I can't explain why I chose that particular place. It just called to me. So 3 months later when I finally moved here, where was the first apartment the agent showed me? Directly across the street from where I had made my proclamation! Needless to say I am still in the same apartment 3 years down the track.

Some people use positive thinking to get better or feel better or to try and articulate what they really want in life. I know one girl who made a scrapbook of happy family clippings because she was channeling this dream for herself. That was a few years ago and I think she is still going, so I'm not suggesting the universe works quickly. (I have to admit here that I actually also started one of these scrapbooks but only got as far as a John Frieda ad with 2 older looking adults and one child. At least I can say I got the grey-haired partner.)

Anyway, the point of all this is that this year, I am going to put into the universe my desire to find a shack. I have always wanted a simply built place somewhere in the country and this dream was cemented when I saw recently in Oz the beautiful new book by Simon Griffiths called Shack; in praise of an Australian Icon.

I wish I could show you some of my favorite shacks featured, because you would definitely hear the magpies and smell the eucalyptus and feel the fresh country air, but alas there are limited shots on line so far.  Here are a couple anyway, to get a taste:

So all I have to do now is start looking at realty websites, visit quaint towns in upstate New York and keep thinking positively that I will find a little piece of land somewhere with a ramshackle hut that has a fireplace and good bones. And one day, I know I will find it.

images: (1-2) penguin, (3-4) flotsam friends, (5) simon griffiths

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