Saturday, February 12, 2011


Fashion Week has started here, showcasing next fall, which frankly, makes much more sense than seeing the spring fashion in stores at the moment. It is still so cold that the snow hasn't melted yet from all the snowstorms, so all the streets are lined with disgusting greyish ice and the dreaded "black ice". Apparently there are still Christmas trees and December rubbish hidden under these snowy piles. ughhh!

Anyway, onto all things fashion - of course. The buzz here at the moment is surrounding the French Vogue 'scandale'.  For the first time in a long time, the magzine is attending the NY shows. BUT. They are being represented by the new EIC, Emmanuelle Alt, who in my mind, is a super stylish, very chic, rock chick.

Unfortunately all anyone can talk about is her friendship split from Carine Roitfeld during the top seat transition. And whether Emmannuelle really has what it takes to be a magazine head. Here they are together in happier days.

Carine is in New York this week as well, but not for the shows. There's a great interview with her here that was done at the Carlyle hotel this week. It puts to bed the Newhouse firing rumors and her possibly working with Tom Ford again.

Anyway, I'm off to the Derek Lam show tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed Emmanuelle will be in the front row!  But that means spending all tonight deciding on my outfit! What does a 40 something wear to a morning show in the middle of winter? Bare legs? If you have your own driver like most of the 'It' girls and fashion darlings, that makes total sense. Spring colors or winter darks? I guess it depends on what color the sky is and how big a statement you want to make. While I mull over my wardrobe choices, here is a round up of who I think has done it cool over the last few days of fashion frivolity.

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