Friday, September 30, 2011

Tips from Tourists

You may remember I wrote HERE about New Yorkers' pet peeves with tourists. Well, now the tourists hit back.

Jen Carlson of Gothamist graciously went out on the street and interviewed some Manhattan visitors to see what they had to say about this rare city species. Selection below:

  • Don't walk so fast!
  • Don't roll your eyes when I pronounce Houston Street like Houston Texas
  • At least make eye contact while clinking glasses
  • Stop talking about how you live in the greatest city in the world. We get it
  • Don't say I'm stupid for calling the subways by colors
  • Don't cycle so fast in the bike lane on Brooklyn Bridge while I am trying to look at the skyline
  • Tell me where to buy counterfeit purses!
image: phonked

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