Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Thumb

It's been really wet and humid here. Terrible for sinus issues but great for the plants. The anesthetist lives in a dreadful part of Manhattan - waaaaay way over east near Avenue D which he won't even let me walk down at night for fear of me being attacked by Puerto Rican gangsta rappers from the projects - but his apartment's one redeeming feature is the shared courtyard and his own little balcony.

Now, I know he is a great handyman, but who knew he also had a green thumb? Every time we drive somewhere, he has to pick up another box of herbs or a bright pink something or a weeping other thing. But now I'm not complaining. With the help of all this rain, I think he has created a tranquil little urban oasis amongst the filth of the very East Village.

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