Thursday, June 9, 2011


If you read my post here, you would know that I am obsessed with American infomercials. I almost want to have a sleepless night so I can sit in front of the TV at 3am and watch the endless stream of products that will change my life. They fascinate me. The middle-of-the-early-morning TV sells me things I didn't even know I wanted, but I suddenly I realize my life is incomplete without them.  And I want to buy everything.

Tonight my toe pain kept me up at the perfect hour. And the product lineup was riveting. Take a look:

Sick of raccoons, deer and rodents getting into your garbage, garden and garage? Then try this solar powered, high frequency ultrasonic sound wizard, that "sends pests scurrying for safety," whilst not being audible to humans. This is brilliant! You can stick it on a tree or the side of the garage or use a matching pole that it comes with. No more smelly fertilizing things thrown over the plants to keep animals out and no more running out of the house brandishing a long object. Animal Off is all yours for the bargain price of $19.95 (RRP is $29.95.) I really wish I had a house for this one.

The easy workout that give you fabulous arms and shoulders in just 6 minutes! How can I really believe this? But I do. And I purchase it for $19.95. PLUS, they upgrade me to the "There's more!" Shake Weight Deluxe, which includes a 3-in-1 DVD featuring Brazilian Booty and Latin Dance workouts. Yippee! 

This one is a ripper. These Japanese detox foot pads literally suck out the toxins from your body while you're sleeping! You simply place the pads on the sole of your feet before going to bed and voila! You wake up feeling as refreshed and healthy as if you had just done the 16 day Master Cleanse. Each pad is full of japanese detox knowhow like rare woods and herbs, and when you peel the pads off in the morning, apparently you see all the yucky poisons that have left your body. Too good to resist? It was for me.  I'm a sucker for anything herbal. $9.99.

OK. Because I know this industry, I was particularly skeptical of a claim that says you can get rid of eye puffiness and wrinkles in 60 seconds. But if the "live" videos were to be believed, this incredibly ugly woman lost the most enormous luggage she was heaving around, literally in 60 seconds. This "miracle" instant wrinkle eraser serum claims to erase fine lines and wrinkles, smooth bags and eye puffiness and a plethora of other things in one minute. I didn't succumb to the very persuasive product person, but it was alot of fun to see the woman "lose" her bags while you were watching.

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