Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toe Part II

I was playing with different outfits yesterday. The challenge is its summer here, which means a) I'm going to miss half of it because I'm wearing a ski boot in the wrong season and b) it's a little hot and humid to be wearing long pants every day. And what to wear on the other foot? I tried flats but the boot is quite high, so then I tried a heel, but my heels are higher than the boot. So either way, I am lopsided.  But here are some options I quite liked.

I thought the Van Noten metallic offsets the drab grey

Perhaps the studs on this offset the buckles on the boot?

It's all about color blocking this season, so I have to wear these pink Manolo's
 even if my boot is off the ground

I think the rope wedge works for the weekend?

The worst part of this saga are the shoe sales. Barney's, Bergdorf et all are in full spring sale swing, with heavenly summer shoes at 40% off! What's a hobbling shoe-aholic to do? Well, on Friday I threw caution to the wind and limped into Giuseppe Zanotti to get their much coveted metal and leather sandal. I whipped off the boot much to the sales assistant's surprise and told him he was doing me an emotional favor by helping ease my bandaged and swollen right foot into the sandal to make sure it fit. Perfection. Whilst I may have missed the Blahnik python sandal, this one was my perfect size.  Who cares if I only get to wear the left one for a while?!

image: michiel kueper

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