Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Behind Closed Windows

The suspense is killing me! Bergdorf Goodman's famous windows have been hidden behind dull grey blinds for what feels like weeks now, as creative guru David Hoey weaves his visual magic for the holiday season.
For me, Bergdorf's does the best windows in the world. They are always a mix of fantasy, frivolity, elegance and sheer decadence. Of course everything featured is always way beyond my reach but that's really the point. It is all about dreaming!
This year's holiday unveiling occurs next Monday. So until then, I will have to keep passing by the secretive blinds on the way to work.

To pass the time, I thought we should revisit last year's holiday windows. They brought to life a white winter wonderland that represented for me what I imagine Narnia to be like from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:

Images 3 - 13: Dan and Heather Cross from

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Jane said...

That looks amazing. This years Myer window's are Olivia the Pig, which is lovely for the children but I wish they would try something a bit more grown up and scary!! xoxo