Monday, November 16, 2009

Guest Interview

After you've lived in New York for a while, you begin to take for granted all the amazing things it offers. So I love hearing what friends have to say when they come and visit. Below is the first of what I hope will be many interviews with friends about their loves and faves in this city.
Jules is a foodie who lives in London and flew here for the weekend to attend a friend's birthday. Here are her tips for first timers:
  1. Favorite hotel: The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. 
  2. Favorite watering hole: The Spotted Pig. They do the best Bloody Mary's.
  3. Favorite Brunch spot: Definitely NOT the Standard Grill. They served me an uncooked egg in my burger!
  4. Restaurant that you really want to try: The Monkey Bar, Graydon Carter's new venture. We had a booking this weekend but it was a really late seating and the rest of the party were too jet lagged, so we cancelled!
  5. Favorite stores: Custo and Prada in SoHo. The staircase in Prada is amazing
  6. Favorite Neighborhood: SoHo for the shopping and the people watching
  7. On Broadway, musical or theatre: Definitely musical
  8. One thing a tourist should do in NY: Walk along the Hudson River. You catch glimpses of the Statue of Liberty and get a sense of space again after walking around the skyscrapers of midtown
  9. What didn't you do this time that you will do next time: Get lost in Brooklyn 
  10. Any celeb sightings? Jude Law (well I think it was) and Sophia Loren walked right past me!

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