Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alot of Heat about Light

Why is it that the beautiful things are also always bad for you?  Filament light bulbs have become a hot topic of debate here due to their outrageous energy consumption. Australia has already decided to ban all incandescent bulbs in exchange for fluorescent lights and US Congress passed a bill to phase them out by 2012. But that seems to have added kudos to the once humble light bulb. As the debate powers on in New York, (no pun intended) the gorgeous exposed filament bulbs are mushrooming here.

Some of the hottest - and coolest - places in town have these beautiful vintage looking bulbs spreading an antique glow over the proceedings and recreating an industrial look. Maialino hangs them in an Italian trattoria environment, Public and Craft suspend them with no shades, Five Leaves has them flickering in old round glass shades and the Standard Grill sprinkles them over white mosaic-tiled floors and wooden banquettes.

Apparently they have become so ubiquitous here that there is now a backlash amongst certain restauranteurs. Ken Friedman of Spotted Pig fame said "no exposed bulbs" when he was designing his latest eatery, the Breslin.

 But if you aren't tired of them yet and want to make the most of these beautiful bulbs while you can, here are some options for the home:

Pottery Barn sells this Edison Chandelier

Anthropologie helps out with a more industrial collection.

Restoration Hardware goes minimalist.

And here are some simple ways they have been used that I love.

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Anonymous said...

It is an innocent enough expression of conspicuous consumption though - and makes us aware of precious electric light ~

I would love to see office and street lights turned way down or off though!